Not Your Average Brush

Fast, sleek, and static-free! The world’s first graphene hair brushes provide users with the most efficient and glamorous styling experience possible. A graphene-enhanced hair brush from head-to toe-is unmatched in its ability to dry the hair faster, smoother, and with zero static. Our brushes have changed the world of hair styling.

What is Graphene?

What’s harder than diamond, lighter than a feather, 300 times stronger than steel, totally transparent and can take on any form? Although it may sound like a character from a new superhero movie, it’s actually a material called Graphene.

Graphene is the strongest and lightest material in the world. Less than 10 years ago, this relatively new discovery became worthy enough to win a Nobel Prize.

With a material this unique and powerful, it’s no wonder major industries like aerospace, energy and automotive utilize it in crafting groundbreaking technologies every day.

So, how does this graphene make the perfect fit for the beauty industry? The 2D crystal-based material is the most thermally conductive, static dissipative, lightweight, and hydrophobic found on earth making it a revolution for hair tools.

What plastic was to the 20th century is what graphene will be to the 21st. At Graphene Hair, we are the the first company to bring graphene enhanced hair tools to the beauty industry.

What’s the Difference?

Sesame Street said it best, “One of these things is not like the other…” and it’s the perfect way to describe Graphene Hair’s remarkable hair tools versus any hair brush offered in the market today.

Graphene Hair™️ Other Hair Tools
Thermally Conductive Brush BarrelBarely conductive Brush Barrel
Static Conductive Brush BarrelInsulating coating on barrel
Static Dissipative Brush BristlesInsulating brush bristles
Conductive Polymers used in bracket and brush handleOnly Non-conductive polymers used throughout the brush design
User grounded design for true 100 percent static eliminationBrush design channels and maintains static charge build up in the brush barrel and hair

Alpha Seamless Thermal Round Brush

Patent Pending

Alpha Rapid Dry Vent Brush

Patent Pending


Hair Dryers

Flat Irons

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Curling Irons


Have an Idea?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

The best ideas come from the people who are on the front lines every day making our clients’ hair dreams come true.

Using our Creative Design Process, we work with salon industry professionals to take your idea from a concept to reality. We do this through brainstorming, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, and developing sound go to market strategies.

We typically provide “devil’s advocate” evaluation your idea in terms of feasibility and cost, and often use some of the time for sketching and brainstorming. We also try to answer your questions regarding patents, business models, licensing, the product development process, manufacturing, etc.

As fellow hair professionals and inventors we respect your confidentiality and promise that YOUR ideas and dreams remain exactly that…YOURS.



Your vision + Your customized technology = Your brand, your success

Our Story

Our story is your story. As salon owners and beauty professionals, we are always on the look out for ways to better take care of our clients and of course, add to our bottom line. When it comes to hair tools, it’s almost become impossible to provide high quality hair tools at a margin that makes sense. Hair tool companies and our beloved distributors are not the least bit concerned with this issue and have perpetuated a system where they continually undercut us in just about every way possible – from selling directly on Amazon at prices below suggested retail to selling in bulk to stores like Ulta and Walmart.

Our solution…we’ve developed the most impactful technology to hit the hair tool market in decades and we are literally putting it in your hands. We’ve created the first hair tools ever made with the Nobel Prize winning material, graphene and its being delivered to your clients with your name on it. It is our industry’s first private label hair tool solution that allows finer salons, spas, and independent hair practitioners to sell undoubtably the world’s best hair tools at a retail price that is highly profitable.

Take a few minutes to learn more about graphene, how it is going to shape our industry, and how you can become part of the revolution.

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