5 Things Your Hair Brush Should Be Doing,
But Isn’t

It’s one of the items most people couldn’t live without. Second to a toothbrush, most people use a hair brush every single day without thinking anything of it. But is your hair brush actually doing its a job? If you aren’t sure, read on below to see the 5 things your hair brush should be doing, but probably isn’t.

  1. Reduce static- Ever brush your hair and it stands straight up from the static? It actually shouldn’t do that. An ideal hairbrush will reduce any and all static by 100%.
  2. Decrease dry time- Does your hair brush actually help dry your hair? If not, it’s not doing its job. A good hair brush should reduce dry time by up to 25%.
  3. Protect against heat- The ideal brush will help protect your hair from heat damage by dispersing the heat from your hair dryer across the surface of your hair
  4. Lock in volume- Volume is key when styling If your brush if leaving your hair flat, it’s time for a new brush.
  5. Make hair smooth and shiny- A hair brush should do more than just detangle. It should also enhance the aesthetic by smoothing it out and adding a natural shine.

This might sound like a tall order for a hair brush, but your hair deserves to be treated with care. It’s true that most hair brushes only do the bare minimum, and in some cases may cause more harm than good. Some brushes, especially lower-end plastic brushes, may even damage hair.

How can you make sure your hair brush is well-behaved and doing what it should? Make sure it’s made with graphene. Graphene possess extremely high thermal conductivity (5300 W/m*K) and is considered THE material science breakthrough of this century.

Thermal conductive graphene nano particles have wide applications in electrical power and thermal management materials. Graphene is much well dispersed with the help of covalent bonds modification, which is beneficial for the formation of conductive networks, effectively lower the graphene-plastic.

Graphene Hair’s enhanced brush bristles are the ONLY brush bristles that can stand up to the extreme heat of a hair dryer throughout the entire lifetime of the hairbrush. Heat localization is the primary cause of failure with the industry’s current technology. The graphene enhanced brush bristles creates smoothness, locks in shine and volume and decreases the time you spend drying your hair.

Fed up with your basic brush? Get an upgrade. Find yours at graphenehair.io and demand more from your brush.