The Importance of Thermal Conductivity in Heat Styling

Maintaining healthy, shiny hair with smarter styling tools

The stunning way hair bounces and shines after leaving the salon used to be nearly impossible to replicate. Luckily, today’s advanced styling tools make it much easier to do so.

From flatirons, to high-end brushes, curling wands and blow dryers, it’s clear that it’s worth the extra dollar to create a salon-worthy look from home. But at what cost to your hair? Most styling tools use heat, and heat overtime can cause serious damage to your hair. Split ends, coarseness, dryness, excessive breakage and unmanageable hair are all symptoms of damaged hair from heat.

Other than abstaining from the use of heat and styling tools altogether, how is it possible to recreate these beautiful looks without negatively affecting your hair?

Answer: A smarter switch to thermally conductive styling tools. The word might sound intimidating, but thermal conductivity simply means to transfer and disperse heat.

The “how” heat is transferred and dispersed to your hair, also known as thermal conductivity, is what’s important to keeping it shiny and healthy. Many modern hair brush companies have made bold and false claims stating their products are “thermally conductive,” when in fact the materials they use are minimally conductive at best, and not at all thermally conductive at worst. Chances are, we all have one in our homes or have seen them in salons.

Unfortunately, most of the brush barrels in today’s market are coated with a basic ceramic material. This material is technically thermally conductive, but ceramic is a known insulative material that’s most commonly used for high voltage applications, which isn’t the best fit for hair.

The best fit for your hair uses a Nobel Prize winning material called Graphene. The products, made by Graphene Hair, completely transforms ceramic into a super conductive material with graphene creating brush barrels that deliver on the promise of true thermal conductivity. What this means is that heat from your hair dryer is disseminated across the entire surface of the brush barrel giving you a wider “sweet spot” of safe heat which dries the hair faster and prevents heat damage.

The last piece of the puzzle involves getting the aforementioned “bounce” or volume in your hair style. Adding heat to the hair will soften and smooth but the volume is locked in via a cool down period. Graphene enhanced brush barrels cool down up to 400 percent faster than a typical ceramic brush barrel. The flip side to graphene’s ability to spread heat is to remove it from the hair and hair brush as quickly as it came. Once the heat source is no longer in use the graphene brush barrel will work its magic and quickly disperse the heat from your hair thus locking in that all important volume.

Graphene powered styling tools will also yield faster drying time, zero-static buildup and less damage to hair, all while contributing to that salon-worthy bounce and shine we all love. It is a no-brainer. Get the look you love, without sacrificing the health of your hair.

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