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Alpha Seamless Round Brush

32mm, 45mm, and 53mm. $15 ea MOQ 60 units

The world’s most thermally conductive and static dissipative round brush featuring graphene technologies from head to toe and customized to enhance your salon’s brand image. No other hairbrush can emulate its self grounding-static free design that offers unparalleled dry time, smoothness, and shine.

Suggested Retail: $39 to $49 each.


Alpha Vent Brush

$15 ea MOQ 60 units without customization. $12 ea MOQ 1200 units with customization.

Reduce the drying time of hair up to 50 percent with our revolutionary brush design and graphene technologies. The Alpha Rapid Dry Vent Brush is the first and only vent brush to possess a thermally conductive brush head which conducts the thermal energy from your hair dryer to the entire drying surface. It also has our trademark self grounding design that completely eliminates static from the hair.


Antimicrobial Shower Comb

$4 per unit 60 MOQ

Made with our antimicrobial graphene polymer this shower comb prevents the adhesion of harmful microbes while offering maximum detangling and smoothing of wet hair. Make sure that your salon’s name is the first thing your clients see each and every morning.

Suggested Retail: $8 to $10 each.


Detangling Brush

$5 each MOQ 60 units with customization on back of brush.

The Alpha Detangling Brush features our trademark Nylophene™ technology that slips through stubborn knots with ease preserving the hairs integrity and properly prepping it for the hair drying stage.

Suggested Retail: $10 to $15 each.


Paddle Brush

$13 ea MOQ 60 units with customization on head and handle available.

This powerful and sleek paddle brush features some of our most important graphene technologies that reduces dry time and eliminates static from the hair. The upscale design makes it a center piece hair tool in promoting your brand to the world.

Suggested Retail: $26 to $39 each.